Ms. Bitch has asked that it be made crystal clear that in order to get your site reviewed on her website, you MUST follow her link submission rules!

Rules for link submissions:

1) Absolutely no illegal content is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to child pornography, beastiality, violence, warez, password trading etc. You will be reported to the proper authorities. Ms. Bitch makes no exceptions to this rule.

2) We review paysites ONLY! No member’s area, no review.

3) A reciprocal link is required. You must provide a link back to Ms. Bitch Porn Reviews from your website. Ms. Bitch orders that you do this BEFORE requesting a review.

You must use one of these text links OR button links:

Text Link: Bitch Reviews – We’re Bitchy, You’re Happy!
Image Link: bitchbutton.gif

Link one of these to: http://www.bitchreviews.com

4) Reciprocal link placement: Ms. Bitch insists that you place her link in a quality position on your website. However, she didn’t specify which page in particular, it’s up to you to find a good spot.

Please send us the following information about your site:

1) Title – The name of your site

2) URL to your site – The address of your webpage

3) URL to our reciprocal link – The address of the page where I will find a link leading to Ms. Bitch Porn Reviews from your site

4) A temporary login to your member’s area


Other Sites to Submit to:

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