Dirty Ass 2 Mouth

By Saffy Purcell

Dirty Ass 2 Mouth
Written by: Saffy Purcell

Men are diverse. You can see that in many ways, from their physical attributes down to their interests. Even with something as mundane as porn, we all have our own preferences. I  have always been a neat freak and there was a time that I had to see the experts because of this condition so imagine if you show me something like what you will see on  Dirty Ass 2 Mouth. I’m way pass that condition but I have to admit, the idea of putting something  from the ass up into your mouth gives me goosebumps. Maybe the hotties here might just change my view on things.


The Layout

There are a lot of sites that offer a nice-looking tour page but when you get inside the site, the look becomes much, much more basic. I don’t have anything against that kind of set up but if you can add a bit of creativity and good taste to your designs, why not add it to your site, right? Though they didn’t add much color or design to the site, I have to admit that the design fro DirtyAss2Mouth works fine if you have an all access pass to different sites. They were able to incorporate the content of dozens of site in one layout and that, my friends is impressive.

The Content

All in all, they were able to present the concept of ass-to-mouth porn in the cleanest way possible and just how did they go about doing that? Simple, they employed the youngest babes legally possible to get naked in front of the camera and get some studs to fuck them. These beauties look dashing and fresh that they balanced out the raunchiness of the act with their clean and fresh visage. You get to see here a lot of straight action, threesomes and double penetration.

There are only 20 movies available and I am confident to say that you won’t be seeing anything new in the near future because they haven’t updated in over three years. I would love to be proven wrong but the last update I’ve seen was way back 2008. The quality of the videos vary, while there are some great looking videos, there are also some with mediocre quality playback. If you feel like it, you may download WMV format of their videos or simply stream the flash videos available online.

There are also only 20 photo sets and of course they have the same content as the videos. The photos look from mediocre to good and you may download a Zipped version of every set.


The WOW Factor and Bonuses

The redeeming factor of this site is that you get access to dozens other websites from the same network.

The Price

$1.95/3 days
$$29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

The Rating: 6/10

Really, they should have at least built a big collection before they stopped updating.


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