My Best Fetish

By Tuesday ONeill

My Best Fetish

Written by: Tuesday O’Neill

I don’t know what My Best Fetish would be and from the looks of things, naughty Quebecker Tiffany Preston doesn’t know what hers is either. But she certainly seems willing to try them all so she can find out.

The Layout

The design at MyBestFetish lets you know that things are going to get kinky. All of the content is displayed on a chain link background. Scroll down for the videos, because all the links on the menu bar are just for the extra content.

The Content

For a chick as naughty as Tiffany, fetish play doesn’t mean strapping on a rubber corset and going to work. This babe likes every kink and can switch between being the Domme and submissively acting as the sub from scene to scene. My favorite ones display her real knack for giving handjobs with a pair of panties, jerking off a shaft until the silk fabric is sticky with jizz.

There are 276 videos, which means you’ll see Tiffany try a little bit of every action. I saw rimming, food fetish, crush porn, toe sucking and more alongside the sexy BDSM vids. Most of these Windows Media files can be streamed or downloaded in full, but a few of the older ones can only be seen as clips. The quality of the playback varies too, with the older episodes looking only average at best while the new scenes look great.

Unfortunately, if you really want to see what the oatmeal Tiffany’s crushing looks like as it oozes between her toes or get a close-up of the cum on her panties, you’re out of luck. There are no photos or vid caps on this site, except for the single thumbnail that lets you preview the video on the main page.

The WOW Factor and Bonuses

Full access to four bonus sites come with your membership. One of them also stars Ms. Preston in more mainstream action and another centers around her real-life sister. You’ll be pleased to know that Brittany Preston is just as raunchy and fearless as Tiffany, so if this site has piqued your Preston hunger, you won’t be left dissatisfied.

The Price

$24.95- 30 days
$39.95- 60 days
$54.95- 90 days
$100.00- 365 days

The Rating: 7/10

It’s a shame there are no pics, but there are plenty of videos to make up for it. If you like fetish play, but hate to be limited to just one type, you might want to meet Tiffany.

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