Miscellaneous sex site

A virtual potpourri of kinky fun and carnal oddities, the miscellaneous sex site has a bunch of tantalizing offerings that don’t seem to fit under any of the other categories. From product reviews to sexual Sudoku to chicks with cigarettes, this schmorgasborg of naughty treats will tickle and delight you. Watch pornstars make surprise appearances in stores and treat their adoring fans to a host of erotic activities. Read sex addict confessions. Or find out the many uses of an inflatable latex probe. It’s weird. It’s depraved. It’s kinda hot. Be sure to check out this motley medley of pornographic gems.



Bi Maxx

By michelle

Just like what the site name says, Bi Maxx features chicks and guys getting down and dirty with each other. Expect guys doing gals and guys fucking guys too. It’s going to be a cock and pussy fest for sure. That’s one wild ride you’d want to be in. The Layout After logging in, you’ll […]



Olivia Love

By maryline

I have such high regard for people who turn what others think of as disabilities into strengths. As far as Olivia Love‘s career is concerned, her hearing impairment has more helped than hurt her chances of getting noticed and establishing a strong fan base for herself. But that’s not all there is to this hot […]



Like Em Straight

By maryline

Have you heard about this statistics saying one out of three people are gay? Whether it’s made up or based on actual studies, that’s just disappointing for straight people like me who want to have access to as many hot heterosexuals out there. But in Like Em Straight, even sworn heterosexual men are fucking their […]



White Teens Black Cocks

By michelle

The cliché says once you go black, you’ll never go back. Chicks who have tasted ebony cocks will definitely agree that it’s a hard habit to break. Just take a look at the European teens in White Teens Black Cocks . Watching them ride those massive black rods will blow your mind. Take note, these […]



Wet and Puffy

By Max

Pussies are like human beings – they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some girls have vaginas that stick out when they’re horny, while others have smooth pussies that curl in when they’re arounsed. Some pussies are fat and juicy, while others are smothered between two huge lips. On the site Wet and Puffy, […]



American Daydreams

By michelle

At one point or another, we’ve all had our kinky fantasies. You might have thought of fucking your hot and sweaty gardener as he tends to chores in the lawn. I’m sure you get aroused just looking at your hottie neighbor and you’ve imagined all sorts of naughty situations with her. American Daydreams is the […]



Big Tits Tokyo

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell Evident from my previous reviews, you can tell that I am a big fan of Japanese porn but one of the few issues I have with them is that Asian babes generally have small tits. Pancake breasts add impact for those who enjoy watching innocent-looking gals but for those who enjoy […]



Little Hellcat

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell You will never really know what gifts in small packages can deliver Little Hellcat is a hot Eastern European cutie who may be very petite but her skill, character and appeal is impressive enough so that a site will be made dedicated solely for her sex adventures. I can name over […]