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The tongue is the gymnast of muscles. It’s flexible, malleable and wet. It’s simply perfect for stimulating the nether regions. Combine that with the sucking force the mouth and throat can generate and, dang, you’ve got a carnival of cum-tastic proportions. Lips slide down the shaft as the cock sinks further down someone’s throat. A flickering tongue tip caresses the vaginal pearl. Saliva trickles out of every corner and thighs quiver. The oral sex site will spread open those legs and show you why head is always on the menu. It’s a tongue lashing you don’t want to miss.



Deep Throats 3D

By Max

Stunning blondes, sexy brunettes and feisty redheads all have two things in common on Deep Throats 3D. One is that each one can be viewed in stunning 3D footage, while the other shared trait is that each sexy chick loves having a cock stuffed down her throat. Come and watch as these babes peel their […]



Holey Fuck

By Max

Picture yourself sitting in a bathroom stall, hunched over, minding your own business. Then imagine the side panel opens a big dick plops down next to you, dangling precariously close to your face. Would you scream in terror? Silently marvel at how thick and veiny it is? Or wonder what in world is going on? […]



Young Throats

By Max

There comes a time in a young hot chick’s life where she must go above and beyond her call of duty of just giving a simple blowjob. There’s a certain point where she will open her mouth wide and get her throat muscles ready to massage a big cock that slides in and out of […]



We Like To Suck

By Max

Sometimes when you watch a chick give a blowjob on camera, see flinches and hesitates while she handles the cock, treating it like a ticking time bomb. (Which if you think about it, is wise since it can explode at any moment). But it’s always a refreshing sight to see gorgeous honeys that not only […]



Drilled Mouths

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell These days, it seems we always look for something more extreme and supposedly more exciting. We won’t settle into one-on-one sex, we want to see more players in the field. Finger fucking and oral sex should be enough in lesbian porn but we still look for lesbos fucking each other with […]



Only Blowjob

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell A woman’s pussy is considered by many as their real jewel but there are people who think otherwise. For them, a woman’s lips are enough to bring you to Nirvana. Pair those lips with the right skills and you will get an entertainment like no other. If you want some quality […]



This Girl Sucks

By maryline

Written by: Saffy Purcell Welcome to blowjob heaven! That would be an appropriate greeting the moment you get inside This Girl Sucks. Of course, the title pertains to “sucking” as blowjob and may I add that by “sucking” they mean serious business of showing only the best looking babes who take oral sex as one […]



Licensed To Blow

By Tuesday ONeill

Written by: Tuesday O’Neill Licensed to Blow The Layout On the bright pink home page, recent updates and a pornstar search function are featured. You can also see a list of all the blowjobs members like you have found to be extra sticky, as well as a sampling of the bonus sites. A menu bar […]