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Live, seductive and willing, real-time babes are the ones with whom you can interact and get instant feedback. If you ever wanted to direct the action that gets you off, then the live cams sex site is your chance to take control and tell people what to do. Basically, you get to do what Ms. Bitch does every day. This is your chance to watch your fantasies come to life. Tap into one of these streams and unleash your scenarios unto the live nude hotties at the other end of the camera. See them suck and fuck according to the carnal script that really turns your crank.



Review My Cam Lets You Rate Live Cam Performers

By Anderson

I’ve checked out plenty of live cams in my day. And while many of the babes put on a good show, there were definitely some that left me feeling gyped – like that money could have been much better spent on a cam model that actually seemed like she wanted to be there. It is […]



My Free Cams

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell Because of the great experience I had the other day with a cam site, I was inspired to review another cam site and I was so glad that I did. My Free Cams isn’t exactly a sitename that would be able to lure me in because come on, when they say […]



My Tranny Cams

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell There is this person that we tag as a member of ex-men. We now pertain to her as a “she” and honestly, she’s more of a she than a lot of other women I know. I boldly asked her how much she spent for everything and she told me it was […]



Live Sex Asian

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell Some people say that Asians all look the same but I think each of them are unique in their own ways. I love them.  The sight of their flawless skins and their petite bodies do wonders for my soul and the thing in between my legs. There are tons of sites […]



Matures Cam

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell We all cherish our youth because we know that there will come a time when we can’t do a lot of things that we were free to do when we are still young. Let’s face it, being young gives us license to do all sorts of things right or wrong and […]



My Cams

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell These days it’s really easy to interact with people from any part of the world. If your intention is simply to watch promiscuous people as they do some nasty shows, you don’t have to go far because they are all accessible online. My Cams is just one of those communities where […]



LS Awards

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell We all have our sexual fantasies but whenever we watch porn, there are some details that you wish would be different. We want to direct our own porn patterned to our very own fantasies. Good thing, you really don’t have to go far or to spend so much just to get […]




By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell Being in iFriends will make you feel like buying a plane ride to a beach island where you have access to the water and the sand any time you want, enjoy the scenery and take a dip at the sea but if you want to say try out the jet ski, […]



Flat Fee Cams

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell She was so sexy on her lingerie. I wouldn’t feel a bit of shame in admitting that I was already feeling hot and bothered just by her sexy gestures. She said the air conditioning isn’t working too well and I knew exactly why she said that. Just when she was about […]



Cam Contacts

By Wldfire

Reviewed by Wldfire Do you enjoy seeing live people getting naked on camera for you? Do you enjoy directing what their actions? If you do, then you may enjoy today’s review of Cam Contacts. This website features live and pre-recorded cams from around the world, here is a quote from the website, which will explain […]