Facial sex site

Bitter, salty, warm and creamy. There’s nothing sexier than the feel, taste and sight of a hot load on a babe’s warm smile. The facial sex site knows and champions this, delighting the senses with so many semen-covered cuties that you’d fall to your knees in amazement. Everything about the cumshot is mesmerizing, from the way she sucks on the dude’s dick to the wanton abandon in her eyes as she positions herself to best receive his spunky load. Some of these gals love jizz so much that they scoop it off their faces and put it in their mouths.



Euro Babe Facials

By Anderson

If you thought only North American babes enjoyed taking loads of jizz all over their faces after a good hardcore suck and fuck session, well, you would be wrong. Just come check out the hot European chicks at Euro Babe Facials who give their pretty faces up for a cum-glazing. The Layout Not only do […]



Cum Lovers

By Max

Some women love clothing, while others have an affinity for shoes. Some are passionate about culture and arts and some like cooking. But the chicks on the site Cum Lovers absolutely adore semen – they literally beg guys for their white man juice! You’ll run into several chicks who suck cock and slide hard dicks […]



Creamed On Glasses

By Max

There’s something about watching a hot babe with glasses on that just adds an element of pure sexiness to her overall look. It might be the sense of sophistication and smarts that come with the glasses. Or maybe it’s the fact that we really don’t what’s going on in her mind. What we do know, […]



Creamed Cuties

By michelle

Watching a hot chick get a mouthful of sweet cum is always a sight to see. At Creamed Cuties, you’ll get a lot of these and more naughtiness if you decide to stay. These babes seem very eager to open their mouth for every luscious load and they won’t mind getting loads on their pussies […]



Young Cum Gulpers

By steven

Written by: Lord Stevens They say that semen is very nutritious, so eating it is not a problem. It brings a lot of protein and that must be the reason why these chicks just can’t get enough of it. What more can you ask for? You get a good amount of pounding, you get your […]



Bukkake Women

By steven

Written by: Lord Stevens When you talk about amateur stuff, like this site does, it makes you believe that everything you see is for real. That there are no professional cameramen, there are no professional lightings, no directors, no scripted talents, no lame actors and actress and basically, they want to pin point that what […]



Splat Bukkake

By steven

Written by: Lord Stevens I have to say that there aren’t so many women out there who’d want to be in the middle of 10 to 15 guys, all ready to spurt that hot load right on her face. But for someone who can take this and still wants more cum right on her cheeks […]



Jesse Loads Monster Facials

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell Often, we judge a male pornstar by the size of his cock, his moves, sometimes even the smoothness of transition from one sexual position to the next. There is one thing that some fail to notice though and that occurs on the climax of the movie – the amount of spunk. […]



Bukkake Now

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell For almost two weeks I have been featuring Japanese smut and one of my officemates noticed it and asked me if I’m not getting tired of it at all. You might be wondering the same thing. Truth is, I actually have other sites that to choose from but when I saw […]



Sperm On Teens and Moms

By Tuesday ONeill

Written by: Tuesday O’Neill With all those hormones raging through their budding buddies, you would think the height of female sexuality is the teen years. Well, once middle age hits hardcore appetites come back. Sperm On Teens And Moms doesn’t make you choose between the two peaks, bringing threesomes starring an old broad, a young […]