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Bootylicious Mag

By michelle

If delicious butt sex is your thing, then Bootylicious Mag is the one door you should knock on. Where the printed version stops, the website starts to provide 100% satisfying ass licking and fucking action. Watch all these hot big-bottomed ladies wiggle and jiggle their massive behinds to meet your ass-pounding expectations. The Layout It […]



Big Butt Shakers

By Saffy Purcell

Written by: Saffy Purcell Believe it or not, I actually went to confession before Easter Sunday. Habits that I grew up with just won’t die that easily, even if I do watch porn for a living. If, by any chance, you are wondering if I confessed that I watch smut as often as you might […]



Big Ass Adventure

By Wldfire

Reviewed by Wldfire Today I will be reviewing Big Ass Adventure here on Bitch Reviews for you all. This website as you can tell from the name is about fine women with some booty out back! I for one just love some booty, it gives you something to grab, spank and some cushin for the […]



Ass Parade

By Wldfire

Reviewed by Wldfire Ass Parade is the website I will be reviewing today here on Bitch Reviews. This site is about girls with some booty, we are talking sweet bubblelicious butts that make grown men fall over their own feet when these girls walk buy. Well here, you get to see these beautiful girls and […]