By Anderson

Hidden Camera Dressing Room

I think we can all admit that we have, at one time or another, thought about hiding a video camera in a women’s dressing room, locker room, etc. Well, we have never had the guts to do it, but thankfully someone has and that is how we have Hidden Camera Dressing Room.

The Layout

The HiddenCameraDressingRoom design is a pretty standard template, but I’m not complaining as it looks fine and is easy to navigate. You also have an advanced search should you want it and a category list as well with a few filter criteria.

The Content

As for the content itself, well it literally is what it sounds like. These are hidden camera videos taken in public showers and dressing rooms where unsuspecting women go about getting naked, showering, changing. It is a women that is responsible for hiding the camera and based on the way the women act, it isn’t hard to believe that they really do have no idea they are being filmed.

The content is split up among six cameras (highlighting different locations) and each one has its content split up into many short clips (some have over 100 clips). So, while there may be only six videos, they are quite lengthy when all the parts are viewed. The videos offer below-average quality MP4 files, but remember these are hidden cameras – and I will say that the footage often looks better than the bit rate numbers would suggest.

The WOW Factor and Bonuses

You do get one bonus site filled with hardcore amateur porn.

The Price

$29.95 – 30 days
$54.95 – 90 days
$99.95 – 150 days

The Rating: 6/10

There are plenty of voyeur sites that feel fake, but not this one. This one really makes you a horny fly on the wall as real women shower and change without knowing that they are being peeped on!

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