Shiny Kitty

By Max

Shiny Kitty

The stars of Shiny Kitty are sexy babes in spandex catsuits torturing male subs and playing with their tender pussies until they reach a leg shaking, earth shattering orgasm. Now doesn’t that sound enticing? These kitties are frisky and really get off on wearing lycra and spandex, so it won’t be long before their own arousal starts to affect you too. There are also spandex-clad smokers. The “shiny” part of the sitename clearly refers to the spandex catsuits that the sexy babes and even the odd guy on this site wear. That means that the “kitty” part must refer to the performers themselves because these gals sure are frisky.

The Layout

ShinyKitty has a nice design and reaching the individual sections is easy enough thanks to the headers at the top of each page.

The Content

Not only do the stars of this site enjoy masturbating in their catsuits through holes cut in the right place, but they also play around with male subs who get put in cages, have their balls kicked and their cocks whipped. Sometimes the guys are in lycra or spandex as well, and I even saw some spandex-clad cuties taking a smoking break. This site doesn’t seem to want to limit itself to one particular type of fetish play. This could have become very interesting when the collection grew, but it never really reached a decent size. These days, there are only 48 movies and they’re almost all broken up into a series of parts that’s spread out over several pages. The same disorganized setup for the picture galleries takes place, so you’ll find 111 picture sets even though it looks like many more. Or, more accurately, the photo sets are being rotated while the video section stopped being added to altogether. What really happened with the vids is that they all got re-encoded in 2013, so these days they’re all available as good-quality MP4s. Some do look a bit better than others, though. Each scene can be both streamed and downloaded, while the pics are high-res and can be saved one shot at a time.

The WOW Factor & Bonuses

You’ll find some bonus picture sets. They’re all fetish in theme, but not all of them get you more lycra and spandex-wearing hotties.

The Price

$29.95 – 30 Days
$59.95 – 90 Days
$89.95 – 180 Days

The Rating: 5/10

Shiny Kitty definitely has some high-quality photo sets starring some hotties. They won’t really keep your attention for too long once you realize you can find all of the content on other sites, though.

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