Pleasing Daddy

By Max

Pleasing Daddy

On Pleasing Daddy, you’ll watch as some chicks get it on with guys who are two, even three times their age because they hope it will lead to a job in the porn industry. Other babes just do it because they love fucking guys who are old enough to be their dads. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find plenty of sexy babes who all strip naked, give hot blowjobs and ride some stiff, older dicks. For these chicks, pleasing their daddies means taking off his pants and giving him a blowjob! You’ll also find hot teens who use giving head as a warm-up to the main event.

The Layout

PleasingDaddy has an all-black background that catches your eye as soon as you log in. The latest updates and favorites area are clearly labeled and the most recent vids are strewn across the front page so you won’t have much trouble finding them.

The Content

You’ll see babes fucking for a chance at getting a job in porn simply because they get off on doing guys older than them and in a variety of scripted porn settings (babysitter, secretary, etc). Most babes are white Americans, but there is some interracial fucking with black chicks and several European-produced scenes that are not in English. You get 193 movies and the three sections combined get you around six new scenes a month. While you don’t necessarily have to be a teenage chick or an older man to enjoy watching mature studs fucking younger babes, it would certainly help you appreciate it more since the quality is often pretty low. There are four quality options, including auto, high, medium and low.

The WOW Factor & Bonuses

You won’t get any bonuses with a membership.

The Price

$19.95 – 30 Days
$74.95 – 90 Days

The Rating: 5/10

There is plenty of steamy fucking and sucking action to witness on Pleasing Daddy. The lack of quality in these vids definitely doesn’t help matters, though. Combine the low quality with the lack of bonuses and you’ve got a site that’s not worth signing up for.

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