My All Access Pass

By Max

My All Access Pass

Sexy Latinas who love to lick sopping-wet pussies, hot MILFs who can’t keep their lips and slits to themselves, interracial fucking, tiny tits, cumshots and nubile babes are what’s coming your way in this huge repository of hot hardcore action. From amateurs to midgets to hardworking pornstars, you’ll get the full spectrum of porn in this gigantic collection. It’s true that My All Access Pass doesn’t actually give you the personal feeling that you might expect from the title, but, hey, if that’s what you want, check out a social network. This is a porn network and in that respect it keeps every hardcore promise it makes.

The Layout

The design on MyAllAccessPass is simple: a black background and large buttons that link you to all the porn you could ever want (okay, so we could always want more, but let’s just say there is a lot). There is also a drop-down menu with all the sites should you choose to get to them that way. The only difference I could find was that using the drop-down opened the site in the same window, whereas clicking the sitename on the page opened up a new window.

The Content

Taking all the content together, you are looking at about 3,300 videos. The movies are offered as full-length vids and you’ll find clips too. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t the same throughout all the sites with many sites providing good-quality vids and others having only below-average ones. What is the same across all the sites is the fact that the movies can be both streamed and downloaded, which is great. There are around 5,100 picture sets, many of which come with high-res images. There are 29 sites in all, so there’s plenty of porn to satisfy those into both quality and quantity. It isn’t quite clear how often the network updates, especially given that there is no standard for all the sites.

The WOW Factor and Bonuses

You’ll have various bonus sites to choose from, including Real Tampa Swingers, Amateur Dumb Fucks, Cum Lovers, Big Black and White, Taco Pie, Cock Ring Handjobs and I Love Small Tits.

The Price

$1.98 – 2-Day Trial
$16.95 – 30 Days

The Rating: 8/10

There is some work to do as far as navigation goes and a little more network info could always help anyone surfing the site, but the amount of content is fantastic and there are enough good-quality vids to go ahead and give My All Access Pass a look.

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