Black College Teens

By Saffy Purcell

Black College Teens
Written by: Saffy Purcell

Nice perky tits, check! Juicy black asses, check! Babes who can’t be older than 21, check! Chicks who are running low on college funds, two checks! No matter how many times you use the “student-willing-to-do-anything-even-porn-for-cash” formula, it never gets old. I don’t know maybe they could come up with something like a storyline involving the world exploding into gazillion pieces if a virgin is not offered to the “great cock” or something but hell, whatever works is fine. So get your masturbation paraphernalia ready because you are going to need them with Black College Teens.

The Layout

I must say, I’m not a big fan of the BlackCollegeTeens layout but I did get used to it eventually. I was a bit overwhelmed with the structure of the homepage because there’s a lot of things going on. When I spotted the search area though, it all made sense. You actually have access to other sites from their network! Isn’t that neat? If you want your search to be easier, you can simply choose between the Photos and Videos tab and you will be given a chronological list of the movies. They also have a Models list that you can search alphabetically.

The Content

The site is categorized as ebony, but in a sense, it can also be classed as a reality site. Their idea is simple. They put up ads on newspapers looking for college babes who want to model. Once someone responds to their ad, they’ll set up a photo shoot and then offer her enough cash to persuade her to have sex with her new employer. As for Beauty, 300 dollars was enough for her to spread her lovely legs and to offer her face up to her white partner’s spunk.

You have to watch the movies in parts. They have 37 movies so far that they have cut into 148 parts. I’m not happy with the fact that they stretched them out by again cutting the parts into minute-long clips, but that’s just me. Their downloadable videos are in WMV and MPEG format and each movie is also divided into four shorter clips. In short, you have to download the movie clip-by-clip and I didn’t see any option where you can download the entire half-hour movie. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, MPEG videos are mediocre in quality.

Each movie has two different photo sets. You can choose to view or to download Pics set or Video Pics set. The Pics set are better in quality than the other one.

The WOW Factor and Bonuses

They may have fallen short in some aspects but they surely have a lot in store for you when it comes to bonuses. First, across the network their content is exclusive and they unfailingly update it every week. You also get access to six other ebony sites- Black Thick Girls, Booty Breakers, Mature Blacks, Black Mama, Black Amateur and Booty Seeker. They also have a Models list which consists of all the models from different sites in their network. Finally, they have a Stories tab where you get to read some really raunchy ghetto tales.

The Price

$1.00 – 3 Days
$24.99 – 30 Days

The Rating: 7/10

Although the photos and videos are mediocre in quality, you could be persuaded to overlook that considering the weekly updates and large bonus network.

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