Club Bisexual

By Wldfire


written by: Wldfire

Today I will be reviewing the website Club Bisexual here on Bitch Reviews. This website boasts that they are your one stop place for bisexual and MMF porn. Let’s not waste any time and go check it out for ourselves.

The Layout

The site’s main page has the most current update in the middle of your screen with past updates below it. To the right there is a poll, and quick access links to top videos. Near the top is the link buttons. There is Home/News, Movie List, Video Feeds, Pictures, Stories and Support.

The Content

The Movie List page contains all the movies on the site. At this time there are 246 different videos available. Each video has a screenshot displayed so you know what is in it. When you see one that catches your attention, click on it and it will bring you to a sub page. Here you will find more screen caps and a brief description of it. You can watch them three different ways, the first one in large screen size 512×384 and then Medium size at 320×240 and finally small 2 minute clips. The videos are all top notch quality and very explicit. They will get your blood pumping for sure! You also can rate and leave your comments on this video for others.

Next, we have the Video Feeds where you will have access to a bunch of different websites, videos and other content. This in itself is a good deal, and if you love Shemales you get full access to two Shemale websites also.

The Pictures page contains 53 different photo galleries. Like with the movies, each has a picture to show what is on that page. Find one you like and click on it, and it will bring you to that set’s page. The page will contain small copies of each photo so you can click on them and view each one, one by one. The sets I looked at were all in super high resolution, so you won’t be disappointed. You can also download them all in a single Zip file to add to your personal collection.

Stories contains a collection of erotica for those of you who like to read, these stories are all unique and good for a read.

The WOW Factor and Bonuses

I thought the extra sites and extra content included with your membership here was a good deal.

The Price

$29.95 for 30 days recurring
$69.95 for 90 days non-recurring

The Rating: 9/10

This website contained plenty of good content for its members and with regular updates, you will always be sure to have something new. Now add that together with all the extra content and sites you get access to, it is not a bad deal at all. Check it out for yourself!

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