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I’m not sure why, but as I get older, fetish play becomes more and more appealing. There’s something really hot about the idea of playing doctor/patient or prisoner/jailer with a partner. At Bars and Stripes, it appears I can fulfill some of those fantasies and watch as female prisoners are “punished” with traditional methods, such as spankings!

The Layout

The main page welcomes you as a Governor and invites you to make any suggestions for the running of the institution! Along the left-hand side is the navigation menu where you’ll find options like Latest News, Inmates, Matron, Updates, Prison Diaries, and Suggestion Box. Then, under the heading Prison Area you’ll find options like Cell Block, Sick Bay, Prison Grounds and PT Room.

You can peruse content by selecting an Inmate from the list of Inmates. Each inmate has a profile and links to their photos and videos. Or, you can check out the content by selecting the area of the prison you wish to view and you’ll find a list of photos and videos featuring that section of the prison.

The Content

Each inmate and each area of the prison offers lots of photo sets, video clips and video stills.

Photo galleries open in a new window where you can view smaller size images, or choose to enlarge them which opens a large version in a new window. The surfing of photos here is super easy. You’ll find themes like “caught masturbating”, “snooping”, “drug search” and “fight club”. Lots of prison fun, and all of it with great punishment involving spankings!

The videos here are offered streaming or as ZIP files for download. The WMV files stream rather quickly (I’m on broadband) and they were good quality. I found the sound was a bit quiet so I had to turn things up, but I REALLY enjoyed these videos. I love the fetish play with the warden coming around to check on the girls, always finding something that is worthy of punishment, and then of course giving it out. So many spankings, so much punishment, SO DELICIOUS!

You’ll find spankings here with paddles, crops, canes, and hands and all the various scenarios your mind can imagine taking place in a prison setting.

The WOW Factor and Bonuses

This site has pulled off a fantasy in a fashion I haven’t seen on many other sites. I am personally into spanking and punishment and I found I really enjoyed myself here. As for bonuses, if you check out the inmates profiles, you can write to them if you’d like, but there really isn’t any extra content.

The Price

$29.95 per month recurring
$74.95 every three months recurring
$124.95 every six months recurring

The Rating: 9/10

I think this site has done a fantastic job, and with their near daily updates, the collection will continue to grow quickly!

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